Darker Than Blue

I present Darker Than Blue (DTB) - a collective of DJs and artists. We love music in general and are excited to spin disco, house, and world beats on the third Saturday of each month of 2024. Specifically, we will DJ 8pm-1am at Gallery Art Bar in downtown Urbana on the following dates: Jan 20, 2024, Feb 17, 2024, Mar 16, 2024, Apr 20, 2024, and May 18, 2024. The flyer includes a QR code that points viewers to multiple resources to learn more about us.

DTB Origin Story by Stacey (BLACKSTAR) Robinson

“Once upon a time were the darkest of days. Days which had lasted a millennia. The tyrants of the past had stolen the technology of the original people. Oppressing those of now, by suppressing what is now known as ‘Bass.’ The Bass was the heartbeat of the original people’s music. Innate in them. Their very soul existence. The tyrants extracted the Bass. Destroying the perfect melodies, thus misaligning the rhythms of the original people. Without the Bass the music became void of its heart. Until it died having no resonance among the people. But No More!!! From the depths of the interstellar gladness exploded a sound. Engulfing their void worlds from 100 thousand galaxies away emerged the perfection of melody. A sound like none other before it. Riding on the rhythm. Harkening to those in need of salvation. Only the chosen could hear the melodic deafening of the funktasgasmic isms of the people who would be known a millennia later as Darker Than Blue.”